Matthew Davis Photography

My parents bought me my first Nikon in 1984 and I have never looked back. I still shoot with Nikon today.

I have over 15 years of professional photography experience in sports, wedding and portrait photography.

I have been published in Somerset County newspapers, Villanova and Rutgers media guides, and in the 2005 International Photography Awards book  as an award winner.

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Today I am a part-time professional taking jobs as they present themselves. I enjoy photography as a means to create. I try to put motion in still photography. I strive to tell a story through photography. Most importantly, I like pleasing people and seeing their reaction to the end product(s) I produce.

I offer coffee table style family book services, sports photography services, portrait photography services, and wedding photography services.

Please take a look at the posted images. If like what you see by all means please contact me.